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Top 4 Elements That Will Catapult Your Company To Artificial Grass Industry Leader

Analyses show that the global artificial grass market is growing at rate of 30-35% every year. With such fast growth, more and more players are getting into this profitable segment calling for great strategy in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Product Quality

Quality is unsurprisingly the top factor that buyers consider before getting their artificial grass.  Potential buyers are always looking for durable synthetic turf that will provide excellent performance for a long time. Similarly, buyers are always shopping around for grass varieties that look and feel as great as the natural grass.

Clients are also very keen on verifying the quality of product that a company has on offer.  They ask for samples and some are insistent on seeing the artificial grass installations of other clients in the company’s portfolio. For this reason, companies that stock premier quality, third-generation grass that is realistic attract more clients than their competition. 

Full-service Offer

With some providing a supply-only service, companies that provide a supply and install full-service are cashing in big. Not everyone is a DIY enthusiast and clients find it quite tedious and tasking to have to find an installation contractor after getting the artificial grass from the supplier.

A full-service offer guarantees convenience, which is a great plus for clients.  Offering a comparatively hassle-free arrangement will definitely give a company a competitive edge.

Affordability and Upfront Costs

Everyone loves a good bargain and a company that can offer budget-friendly prices for quality artificial turf products will always stay ahead of the competition. In addition, clients appreciate a company that gives full disclosure on all costs in order to avoid the inconvenience of budget-altering, hidden costs later in their business interactions. Clients want an exact breakdown of the costs. How much goes into labor? How much for transportation? How much of the quoted price is actually for the product itself?

Product Warranty

Artificial grass requires a considerable investment and most clients will always have some peace of mind buying a synthetic turf product that comes with a comprehensive warranty.   These clients will always be willing to go into business with a company that offers great and flexible terms on their warranty over other companies in the industry.

Artificial grass is growing in popularity by the day as people find new and creative ways to use the products.  A company that hopes to stay ahead of the competition in this niche must implement a working strategy towards that end which must encompass the highlighted elements among others.

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