Benefits of Preventive Maintenance For Street Sweeping Companies

Machinery and equipment that is in great condition and runs smoothly means more productivity and getting the job done in time as a street sweeping services provider. With a preventive maintenance plan in place, your business can enjoy several long-term benefits.

Decreased Down-time
Repairs will become necessary at a point in time, but with an expert team of technicians, you can avoid minor problems from escalating into major ones that result into costly down -time. Problems associated with excessive down pressure and other street sweeper issues can easily be identified and fixed during scheduled maintenances before the damage demands expensive repairs or replacements.

A longer Machine Life
Street sweepers are far from cheap and investing in a new one is a decision that takes into consideration several factors. That said, preventive maintenance has been proven to extend the life of equipment. Street sweeping services providers can enjoy a great return on investment and put all equipment to productive use for longer by implementing a working preventive maintenance plan.
For units that sweep dustier and dirtier streets, and those with more obstacles, the scheduled maintenances should be more frequent. These factors greatly affect the intervals in-between maintenances if the tangible impact on extending equipment life is to be realized.

Better Re-sale Value
As a street sweeping services provider, you may find yourself selling your equipment for varied reasons. It may be that you wish to invest in another fleet, or are winding up the business for different reasons. Either way, regular preventive maintenance keeps your equipment in great condition such that potential buyers will be all the more willing to bring a generous offer to the table.
Street sweepers are an expensive set of equipment and finding a ready market for used sweepers is quite easy. Negotiating a reasonable price may, however, prove quite a challenge and the seller may need convincing. A great tip is to keep a record of all maintenances done on the equipment, record which your regular servicing and maintenance contractor will provide. These records will communicate to the potential buyers of the great condition of the sweepers, prompting them to match your asking price or as close to it as is agreeable to you.

Planned maintenance, with so many benefits, is definitely an area worth investing in as a street sweeping services business. With good regular maintenance, you save big on repairs and replacements, and get to use the equipment for longer.

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