5 Reasons To Smile When You See The Kids Let Loose And Play

5 Reasons To Smile When You See The Kids Let Loose And Play

Active play is a crucial element in the life of every child. So important is it that it is enshrined as a basic human right for kids in the constitutions of many countries across the globe. It then comes as no wonder that daycare centers, schools and other such institutions have a designated recess period every day where kids can engage in some play of their choosing.
The benefits of play cover the whole gamut of child development including the physical, social, emotional and intellectual spheres. Here is a brief look at these benefits

Physical Benefits

Unlike passive play, active play activities are great for the health of the kids. An hour or so a day of some play in the outdoors could be exactly the kind of exercise that your kids need, not to mention the healthy dose of free vitamin D from the sun. It definitely beats sitting down and playing video games all day long as your kids get a little closer to the dreaded obesity with every munch of unhealthy and junky snacks.
Jumping up and down as on a bouncing castle or running will get the kids breaking a healthy sweat. Additionally, some exercise is always great for the kids’ developing muscle form. Active play is definitely the best option for healthy growth of their delicate bone structure that is yet forming.

Developing Social Skills
The unadulterated mind of a child does not recognize the many labels that separate us as adults but embraces all as they see the friend in everyone. Active play activities are perfect for the kids to build on their social skills and develop healthy friendships with their age mates. Some of these friendships do stand the test of time and last a lifetime. Indeed, some life partners can trace their meeting to way back when both were just clueless kids having some fun.
It is while they play that kids will learn how to communicate well with their peers, and develop desirable traits such as empathy and a sense of sharing and team work by embracing a fair play attitude. It may not be readily evident to you, but kids to learn a lot as they play with others and the sum of these experiences builds towards their social being.

A Generation of Creative and Self-Confident Kids
Forming new friendships definitely plays its part towards promoting the kids’ self-confidence. Apart from that, it has been established that children do develop a strong sense of pride and confidence in self if they successfully take on a challenge as with active play games.
Games that put the kids against each other in a controlled environment of healthy competition have this profound effect, even as each kid tries their best to come out top. In the process, the kids also develop some creativity and an active imagination in a bid to find strategies that will help them win during these playful competitions. Learning (and often times, discovering) a new skill is a real confidence booster.

The Brain Thrives on Play
Promoting creativity and imagination is only a small part of the numerous benefits of play for a child’s brain. Studies have shown that play is particularly beneficial for cognitive development.
Kids find it easier, even in school, to understand a particular subject if the teacher/instructor can find a way to make a fun game out of the learning process. Difficult and complex subjects become seemingly relatable and easy in such a setting.
Again, it’s important to mention that as is with adults, exerting the brain can get mentally draining for kids and the toll can extend to the physical. Some play time can be very relaxing and will give the needed rejuvenation for a more productive after-play attitude.

Healthy Bonding with the Folks
By the very definition, a child still requires the active input and participation of responsible adult figures, be it a parent or a guardian. However, some kids may experience some trouble really getting to bond with their folks, which has proven to be a disaster waiting to happen.
Extensive research supports the fact that parents who take the time to regularly engage in some form of play with their kids enjoy a much better relationship with the kids even at a later stage when they are all grown up. Children appreciate it and feel much closer to their parents when the latter take the time to have some child-like fun with their kids. This communicates that you find their interests important and for a child, that translates to you finding him/her important. It cannot be overstated just how crucial this can be in building up self-esteem.
They may not always be your little babies, but you can definitely encourage them to have a closer relationship with you now and even when they get older.

Your Part
Even after looking through these amazing benefits, your mama bear and papa bear instincts won’t allow you to just let loose and leave the kids to their own devices. And rightly so. Children, especially the younger ones need a safe environment where they can truly just be kids and enjoy all that comes with active play.
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