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How To Grow Your Business In The Bouncy Castle Industry

Many bouncy castle business owners start out small and unfortunately, do not put much effort into expanding their business. For entrepreneurial minds that are looking to cash in big from bouncy castle hire, then the corporate market is a great niche to explore. Companies such as Perth Amusement Hire are performing extremely well in this area.

While most business are content to  just hire out a number of bouncing castles every weekend for birthday parties and other private celebrations, there remains an untapped niche with corporate.

Companies do have corporate fun days, team building activities , large fund raisers and other corporate events. To be successful in this niche, just like with any other, you need to first put in the work as far as research goes. Find out exactly what kind of inflatable units corporate look for as part of the entertainment for such events. What kind of bouncing castles do they prefer? Is it combo units or plain bounce houses? Do they also rent adult bouncing castles or just units meant for the kids among their guests? What other inflatables and units do they need? Perhaps dry and wet water slides? Obstacle courses perhaps? What other fun services can you offer to capitalize on this opportunity? Is it face painting? Balloon twisting? A magic act? As far as equipment hire goes, do they rent candy floss machines, bowl slushie machines, and popcorn makers?

These are only a few of the pertinent questions you should be able to objectively answer after your market research. You will find that you can do so much more when servicing the corporate niche. It definitely opens the entrepreneurial mind to the many possibilities that diversification presents for a business that is up to the challenge. There are many opportunities to explore and you stand to make so much more than you ever would with just hiring out to families.

With this invaluable knowledge, what is left is getting the corporate to hire from you. Pitch your services to potential clients by investing in an intensive and targeted marketing campaign. Also look to build your professional networks with other industry players.  It is not uncommon for bouncy castle businesses to refer their clients to other companies when they themselves cannot, for some reason or the other, provide the services.

When you do finally get to work with your first corporate client, strive to exceed their expectations and you will more than likely end up looking at many referrals.

With the right strategy, such as outlined, you can successfully break into the corporate market and through your commitment to customer satisfaction grow to be an industry leader.

5 Reasons To Smile When You See The Kids Let Loose And Play

5 Reasons To Smile When You See The Kids Let Loose And Play

Active play is a crucial element in the life of every child. So important is it that it is enshrined as a basic human right for kids in the constitutions of many countries across the globe. It then comes as no wonder that daycare centers, schools and other such institutions have a designated recess period every day where kids can engage in some play of their choosing.
The benefits of play cover the whole gamut of child development including the physical, social, emotional and intellectual spheres. Here is a brief look at these benefits

Physical Benefits

Unlike passive play, active play activities are great for the health of the kids. An hour or so a day of some play in the outdoors could be exactly the kind of exercise that your kids need, not to mention the healthy dose of free vitamin D from the sun. It definitely beats sitting down and playing video games all day long as your kids get a little closer to the dreaded obesity with every munch of unhealthy and junky snacks.
Jumping up and down as on a bouncing castle or running will get the kids breaking a healthy sweat. Additionally, some exercise is always great for the kids’ developing muscle form. Active play is definitely the best option for healthy growth of their delicate bone structure that is yet forming.

Developing Social Skills
The unadulterated mind of a child does not recognize the many labels that separate us as adults but embraces all as they see the friend in everyone. Active play activities are perfect for the kids to build on their social skills and develop healthy friendships with their age mates. Some of these friendships do stand the test of time and last a lifetime. Indeed, some life partners can trace their meeting to way back when both were just clueless kids having some fun.
It is while they play that kids will learn how to communicate well with their peers, and develop desirable traits such as empathy and a sense of sharing and team work by embracing a fair play attitude. It may not be readily evident to you, but kids to learn a lot as they play with others and the sum of these experiences builds towards their social being.

A Generation of Creative and Self-Confident Kids
Forming new friendships definitely plays its part towards promoting the kids’ self-confidence. Apart from that, it has been established that children do develop a strong sense of pride and confidence in self if they successfully take on a challenge as with active play games.
Games that put the kids against each other in a controlled environment of healthy competition have this profound effect, even as each kid tries their best to come out top. In the process, the kids also develop some creativity and an active imagination in a bid to find strategies that will help them win during these playful competitions. Learning (and often times, discovering) a new skill is a real confidence booster.

The Brain Thrives on Play
Promoting creativity and imagination is only a small part of the numerous benefits of play for a child’s brain. Studies have shown that play is particularly beneficial for cognitive development.
Kids find it easier, even in school, to understand a particular subject if the teacher/instructor can find a way to make a fun game out of the learning process. Difficult and complex subjects become seemingly relatable and easy in such a setting.
Again, it’s important to mention that as is with adults, exerting the brain can get mentally draining for kids and the toll can extend to the physical. Some play time can be very relaxing and will give the needed rejuvenation for a more productive after-play attitude.

Healthy Bonding with the Folks
By the very definition, a child still requires the active input and participation of responsible adult figures, be it a parent or a guardian. However, some kids may experience some trouble really getting to bond with their folks, which has proven to be a disaster waiting to happen.
Extensive research supports the fact that parents who take the time to regularly engage in some form of play with their kids enjoy a much better relationship with the kids even at a later stage when they are all grown up. Children appreciate it and feel much closer to their parents when the latter take the time to have some child-like fun with their kids. This communicates that you find their interests important and for a child, that translates to you finding him/her important. It cannot be overstated just how crucial this can be in building up self-esteem.
They may not always be your little babies, but you can definitely encourage them to have a closer relationship with you now and even when they get older.

Your Part
Even after looking through these amazing benefits, your mama bear and papa bear instincts won’t allow you to just let loose and leave the kids to their own devices. And rightly so. Children, especially the younger ones need a safe environment where they can truly just be kids and enjoy all that comes with active play.
Industry leaders such as in the play inflatable hire market recognize the need for safety and variety for your kids as they play. As a parent, partnering up with such trusted service providers is the best service you can afford your kids.


What To Consider When Choosing A Booking System For Your Business

Most customers today will shy away from businesses that have no online booking capability. The convenience of the process is not something customers can easily let go of, which is why your business will be losing out to the competition if you do not invest in a system of your own.
Whether you choose to build or buy online booking software, you must ensure that your choice ultimately lives to its full potential in bringing in more customers and ensuring they have the best possible experience while using it. This calls for very careful consideration when choosing online rental software.
Desirable Features
What features do you want your system to have? Apart from real-time booking, would you like to have software that allows for multiple payment options, has multiple integrations as well as excellent cloud-based features and allows you to manage your promotions including coupons and discounts? These are only just some of the features you can expect from an online booking system.
Have a list of performances you would like the system to deliver and carefully check against the features available for the common software options available from vendors. For a bespoke system, ensure that you work closely with the developers from the very start and provide them with a detailed list of these desired features and performances.
Endorsements from Other Quarters
There are up to several dozens of booking software in the market. It can be overwhelming to choose one, but reviewing what others who have used the system have to say about it. It definitely does help to narrow down your search and you can concentrate on doing deeper research into the software that makes it to your shortlist.
Arrange for a Demo
After shortlisting a few options, make arrangements for a demo before committing to a purchase. The demo will be the perfect opportunity to gauge and evaluate the performance of the software against the list of performance measures you would like to have for your business. You can evaluate how user-friendly the interface is and the reliability and responsiveness of the software support, among others.
Cost of Booking Software
There are free booking software in the market as well as very expensive options. Ultimately, even if on a budget, the crucial consideration must always be how the performance of the software matches up.

Booking software and systems are not a reserve for any particular industry. Different businesses across different industries have need for these systems and only by making the right choice will the booking software serve its purpose as an asset to the business.


Bouncing castle hire can be a very rewarding business

For entrepreneurs with consistently great business acumen and the drive to achieve the company’s set objectives, bouncing castle hire can be a very rewarding business. This may adequately explain why more and more companies are coming up in this niche, making it among the most competitive in the market.
Most companies start out small, with just a few units and probably operating from home. With the right strategy, you can just as easily go from that to hiring out a wide range of units to different clients and even being forced to turn away some due to an overwhelming demand. A great marketing strategy with the right promotional tools could very well be the game changer that transforms your business operations.
Among several options for effective advertising include advertising your company on a local online business directory. Bouncing castle hire businesses can enjoy the following benefits

Targeted Marketing
The web is the first stop for today’s tech-savvy customer. Parents and event organizers looking to hire bounce houses and other play inflatables for various events are no exception. For most people, online business directories are a great place for their search and listing on a top online directory helps your business reach its target audience even more effectively. Listing on a local online business directory especially positions your business strategically in the online sphere where local clients can conveniently find you.

Brand Marketing
In a competitive niche such as the inflatable hire market, it is not enough to merely have an online presence. As a business, you should always direct resources towards developing your brand and ensuring that potential clients get to see the best of your business.
Listing in local online directory credits legitimacy to your business and research has shown that clients trust businesses on directories more than what shows on random search engine searches. Your business will stand out as a professional company and clients will be more confident about hiring inflatables from your company and using any other service you provide.
Similarly, providing as much information about your company on your listing is a great way to sell your company to potential clients. How does your jumping castle hire business stand out from the rest? What sets you apart? What can clients expect? Providing answers to these questions and more will definitely help you develop and manage your brand as a company.

Cost-effective Marketing
Listing your bouncing castle hire business on an online business directory is an inexpensive advertising option compared to several other options which are more cost-intensive such as advertising on local TV or radio channels.
Similarly, a jumping castle business without a functional website may find it a much cheaper option as opposed to investing in a professional website to boost online presence, particularly where the company is facing strained finances.
A local business directory provides support for all the business listings and is a great investment that will give effective results for the little capital invested.

Increased Traffic
Online business directories are great for businesses without a website. It is however, a different ball game for your umping castle business that has a website. You can add a link to your website on the listing and with it expect more and more inbound traffic to your website as the visitors will be re-directed straight to your website.
Similarly, listing on a top online directory will increase traffic to your site by helping with your SEO campaign. Your business will be on the first page of search engine returns for bouncing castle hire businesses.
Listing on an online business directory has many benefits that will help in growing and expanding a bouncing castle hire business, proving that it is worth the investment.

Online Business Directory

What To Include In a Premium Listing on Online Business Directory For Your Fake Grass Company

Artificial grass is big in Australia and many other areas across the world. Listing in an online local business directory helps your company stay visible even in this seemingly competitive niche.
While this may apply to any business across different markets, here is a simple guide to what information you need to include in your business listing on a local business directory competition.
Location of Your Business
Some clients may have some follow-up questions and may prefer a face-to-face interaction to ensure that all issues are addressed satisfactorily. Similarly, a client may wish to visit your premises in order to have a look at samples of the product before committing to buying synthetic grass from your company.
Including the location of your company in your listing provides convenience for customers who can just as easily use Google maps and other apps to find your physical address.
Products Offered
Every business directory may include numerous businesses in the same niche. You may assume that your business name is quite telling; and it may very well be, but it is always important to clearly outline the products and services your business offers.
Are you solely an artificial grass supplier or do you also provide installation services. Some clients may be specific about needing a supplier only or a supplier – installer service provider.
Opening and Closing Times
When listing your artificial grass company, be sure to include when your business opens and closes. No one wants to experience the disappointment of finding your premises closed after taking the time to track down your company. Providing this information will help potential customers to conveniently plan for their time and schedule for their business interactions with your company.
Company Background
A catchy business name and a great logo may attract the attention of potential customers, but for some, a bit of background is always important. When and how did you begin your artificial grass company? How does where you are now as a company compare to when you first began? A brief highlight of your background will help clients relate even better to you and a story of the journey that has been surely lends some credit and legitimacy to your business.
Why You
It may sound quite straightforward but you should be able to convince potential clients why they should buy from you and not from your competitors. What are your selling points? Is your synthetic turf of superior quality? What can your clients expect in terms of customer service? Such are the pointers that will drive more traffic to your business.
Contact Information
After successfully convincing potential customers that you are the best choice for a fake grass supplier and/or installer, they will definitely want to get in touch for estimates, samples and any support service. Include a current phone number and email address in your listing. If you have a company website, also include a link to the site.

Listing your synthetic grass on an online local business is only as effective as the information you provide allows it to be. . Providing all relevant information will help your business outrank other artificial grass companies that make for your competition.

Top 3 Qualities Star Marketers Have in Common

Hiring the right talent is crucial to the success of a marketing company. The team should be able to bring the very best to every project and deliver results. This calls for a careful selection process during hiring.

Some of the desirable attributes of a great marketer are innate, while others are learned and can develop over the course of time. Three of these crucial attributes are as highlighted


A great marketer is able to identify opportunities and can strategize on how to convert leads. A self-starter will not wait around to be assigned to particular clients but will show initiative in bringing in new clients and finding ways to best meet those clients’ needs.

For a self-motivated employee, their commitment to meeting the company’s goals will not be limited to the time they spend at the office. Such an employee will instead use every opportunity, even outside their working hours to network during social gatherings and sell the company to prospective clients whenever they can.

Effective Communicators

Marketing is a sector built on relationships. Communication is key to every successful relationship and marketers with great and effective communication skills find it easy to build relationships with prospective clients.

An essential element to creating a rapport with prospective clients is confidence. A confident pitch where the marketer presents all the facts and can boldly express what value the company will add to the client will definitely have the attention of prospective.

In addition, effective communication also includes listening. Every client comes to the table with some ideas in mind of what they need from the marketing company.  The company can then give some ideas of their own, but only through listening to the clients’ needs can the marketing team identify and implement an effective marketing strategy ,customized for a particular client’s needs.

Great Enthusiasts

Clients appreciate working with a high-energy team that shows some enthusiasm in what they are doing. This enthusiasm will be manifest in their relationship with others in situations where the client brings a multi-disciplinary team on board for the project, as well as their attitudes towards problem solving. An enthusiastic team will muster all resources towards ensuring that all the set goals are realized and strive towards guaranteeing client satisfaction.

Putting together an effective marketing team requires a careful evaluation of the talents and abilities that each member brings to the team. These three great qualities, complimented by others define a star marketer that is definitely worth bringing into the team.


Why Quality Equipment Is A Must-Have For Every Construction Project

Whether it is residential, commercial, industrial or heavy construction, a must have for every project is the right equipment.  Construction equipment does not come cheap and more often than not, a company may face challenges in securing the finances for buying the equipment and will instead choose the equipment leasing alternative.

With both options available, uncompromised quality remains the most important factor and not economy as most contractors have erroneously maintained. There are several benefits to having quality construction equipment as highlighted

Maximum Productivity and Efficiency

Quality equipment means that there are lesser or no break downs. This translates to the ability of the workers to complete their assigned duties within the assigned timelines, which builds towards maximum productivity.

Reduced Costs

As far as reduced frequency of breakdown goes, the construction manager is also able to save big on repairs and regular maintenance.  With inferior equipment, breakdowns become all too frequent, which will strain the project budget in meeting repair and maintenance costs. With premier quality on the other hand, staying within the budget up to the point of project completion is a very likely possibility.

Safety Concerns

Without quality equipment, construction sites can become quite the dangerous place for workers and the general public.  Even with strict safety precautions, using inferior quality equipment presents a great risk and accidents are more likely.

With quality equipment and the relevant training on how to safely use them, construction sites are much safer and the risk of injurious and fatal accidents greatly reduced.

Motivated workforce

Safety concerns aside, construction workers with top quality tools and equipment at their disposal are a motivated lot.  It is frustrating to work with inferior equipment that is underperforming as it not only slows down the works, but they have to exert some extra effort into operating the equipment itself.  It is not uncommon to find some workers downing their tools and leaving the site if the equipment performance is unsatisfactory.

The benefits of having quality on site cannot be understated and particularly for the construction sector. Project managers who appreciate this reality will work towards securing the best available equipment for every construction site.

With excellent equipment, job satisfaction and a motivated team are a sure guarantee. In addition, project managers need not worry too much about safety around the site. Ultimately the project investors and owners get value for their investment as the project meets all the standards and they can look forward to an in-time completion.


Top 3 Reasons Your Construction Company Should Start Blogging

Blogging is a great marketing tool for construction companies and has great potential for attracting prospective customers.   An overwhelming majority of today’s customers are always online looking for some valuable content that will help in making an informed decision before committing to getting into business with a company.

Not everyone will visit  a business’ website or social media platform, but a great  blog post  that’s both accurate and engagingly fun to read will definitely catch a prospective client’s attention.

Getting into specifics, this is a highlight of 3 ways blogging has proven to change business for a construction company for the mutual benefit of both the clients and the company

Content Marketing

Blogging provides the opportunity to integrate marketing campaigns. You can always link to relevant blog posts when advertising a product or discussing a topic on other forums.  For the “how to” posts, you can link back to social media platforms   where the readers can get to see pictures and videos of the entire process and ultimately, the project at its completion.

Proving Expertise

It’s quite easy to claim to be the best in sales pitches but can you really prove it? Support your assertions by writing content that communicates of your expertise on various issues. Digging deep on various topics and being able to do so in a manner that your target readers can best understand definitely inspire confidence in customers.

Blogs also afford the business an opportunity to link to other authoritative sites.  You may have a big tag on your landing page that says you are an industry leader, but actually linking to authoritative sites that can confirm the same is a great boost for your brand.

Adding Value

There is definitely so much more to blogging than veiled advertising. Every blog posts should look to provide valuable information and provide answers to the many questions that the readers definitely have.

“How to” instructional posts are very popular and will get many hits and shares if the information provided does add value to the readers. Additionally, the content could include news and posts about what is happening in the industry. Your readers will definitely appreciate being kept up to date with the latest in the industry, which may earn your blog its place among the bookmarks.

The construction segment in an information-sensitive industry.   Plunging into the sphere of construction blogging allows the business to reach more people and strengthen its brand.  The rewards justify the time and effort invested into regular blogging.

Artificial Grass Perth

Top 4 Elements That Will Catapult Your Company To Artificial Grass Industry Leader

Analyses show that the global artificial grass market is growing at rate of 30-35% every year. With such fast growth, more and more players are getting into this profitable segment calling for great strategy in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Product Quality

Quality is unsurprisingly the top factor that buyers consider before getting their artificial grass.  Potential buyers are always looking for durable synthetic turf that will provide excellent performance for a long time. Similarly, buyers are always shopping around for grass varieties that look and feel as great as the natural grass.

Clients are also very keen on verifying the quality of product that a company has on offer.  They ask for samples and some are insistent on seeing the artificial grass installations of other clients in the company’s portfolio. For this reason, companies that stock premier quality, third-generation grass that is realistic attract more clients than their competition. 

Full-service Offer

With some providing a supply-only service, companies that provide a supply and install full-service are cashing in big. Not everyone is a DIY enthusiast and clients find it quite tedious and tasking to have to find an installation contractor after getting the artificial grass from the supplier.

A full-service offer guarantees convenience, which is a great plus for clients.  Offering a comparatively hassle-free arrangement will definitely give a company a competitive edge.

Affordability and Upfront Costs

Everyone loves a good bargain and a company that can offer budget-friendly prices for quality artificial turf products will always stay ahead of the competition. In addition, clients appreciate a company that gives full disclosure on all costs in order to avoid the inconvenience of budget-altering, hidden costs later in their business interactions. Clients want an exact breakdown of the costs. How much goes into labor? How much for transportation? How much of the quoted price is actually for the product itself?

Product Warranty

Artificial grass requires a considerable investment and most clients will always have some peace of mind buying a synthetic turf product that comes with a comprehensive warranty.   These clients will always be willing to go into business with a company that offers great and flexible terms on their warranty over other companies in the industry.

Artificial grass is growing in popularity by the day as people find new and creative ways to use the products.  A company that hopes to stay ahead of the competition in this niche must implement a working strategy towards that end which must encompass the highlighted elements among others.

Jumping Castle Hire

2 Great Tools for Success in Bouncing Castle Hire Niche

The e-commerce culture is definitely here to stay and continues to dominate the way people shop today. Businesses looking to tap into this great pool of potential customers are investing in providing the best and most convenient of online experience for their customers.
Service providers such as bouncing castle hire companies are turning to two great tools to optimize the online experience for every user.
Great web Design
Every customer wants to spend as little time as is possible doing their online shopping. Investing in excellent web design services means the customers get to enjoy a fast and responsive website. A mobile-friendly web design is even better because, in a fast-paced world, most people only get a chance to access the web through their mobile devices.
Additionally, more and more business owners are finding that providing relevant information and presenting it in an engaging fashion definitely keeps the web visitors’ attention and increases the probability of lead conversion. Websites with great product descriptions to high quality images and pictures of the products as well as interesting videos of the different products definitely receive more traffic. Presentation is definitely key.

With a website, the inflatable hire company can use it as an effective marketing tool. Through strategic placement, and particularly on the landing page, the business can let its customers know of special offers and discounts as well as promoting new products and services. Marketing is also much easier since the business can reach out directly to the web visitors through live chat and email among other channels.

Booking System
The inflatable hire industry is quite busy and during the peak season, running a bouncy castle hire business can be quite stressful. With an effective booking system, however, business owners can take off all the hassle of double-booking.
It is bad for business when clients get disappointed due to multiple bookings. A professional booking system that updates status of every product in real time is a great business management tool for inflatable hire companies and definitely worth the investment.
Clients will definitely appreciate a seamless booking process with referrals being more than likely after a great experience.

Paper trails are a tale of the past and every company hoping to reach its goals and business targets must embrace n online presence and make the experience for the users as great and convenient as is possible. A great website and functional booking system will definitely fast-track your company’s ascent bouncing castle hire industry leader.